Affordable Rentals

Please note that currently, all our rentals are located in or near Hazard (Perry County).

The Housing Development Alliance owns and maintains 20 rental units. These units are designed to provide accessible, high quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals and families. Our goal is for a person or family to own an affordable home, but in some cases, renting is a better option. For some, the costs associated with owning and maintaining a home are just not feasible at the time. An affordable rental home gives families a good, healthy place to live while providing them the time to make a plan to achieve homeownership, pay off any debts, and secure employment that doesn’t require moving out of the area or uprooting the family.

We have very little turnover in our rental units, which means that our rentals typically stay full. We do, however, maintain a waiting list. Individuals and families interested in renting from HDA should contact our office at 606-436-0497 or email us. Our staff will determine if the person or family is eligible for our program, and if so, will gather the necessary information and place the name on the list. When a vacancy occurs, HDA chooses the next qualifying applicant in chronological order. 

Apply for Rental Housing

Call our office at 606-436-0497 to request a Rental Application or Waiting List Application be emailed to you or sent to you by postal mail. You may also stop by our office to fill out an application. If you have questions or need to contact someone by email, please click below to contact our Rental Coordinator.

We Offer:

Single-Family Rental Homes

These are HDA-built rental homes that are located in various locations in Perry County. Currently, we do not have rental homes in any of our other counties, but we hope to offer this option in our other counties sometime in the future.

PCCOC ("Peacock") Duplexes

HDA currently maintains three duplexes (six units), all located in the Hazard City Limits. A "duplex" is a residential building consisting of two living units, either side-by-side or on two floors, with separate entrances.

1-BR & 2-BR

HDA has several apartments in Hazard, KY for qualifying low-income and very low-income applicants. We also offer Section 8 Single Occupancy Apartments for homeless individuals. Our units usually stay full, but from time to time, our waiting list does open up!

High Street Apartments

Single Occupancy Apartments for Homeless Individuals

The Housing Development Alliance also maintains a ten unit single-room occupancy apartment building in downtown Hazard. Located on High Street, the apartments are intended to provide an option for single people who need a safe, decent place to live but who are homeless and/or cannot afford to live anywhere else. In our service area, as well as in all of Kentucky and the entire country, there is a shortage of housing for individuals. Many apartments and rental houses are designed to house families. Our High Street housing provides small living quarters for single men and women with little to no income.

Applications for leasing can be obtained through local social service agencies. Please contact our office if you have questions!

Interested in Renting? Need Help? Contact:

Cyndi Mancillas, Rental Manager
Office: 606-436-0497

Ashley Sumner, Rental Coordinator & Client Services Specialist
Office: 606-436-0497

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